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Aerial view of Kitich Forest Camp

Kitich Forest Camp

What comes to mind when you picture Northern Kenya? Obviously, vast dry plains akin to a desert. The plains occupied by Nilotic nomadic tribes such as the Samburu and Turkana. To be fair, you do appreciate the colorful regalia of the tribes up north. You marvel at how they have managed to preserve their traditional…
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Statue of Jomo Kenyatta

A Family’s Day Out This Madaraka Day

Are we losing touch with our history as Kenyans? Certainly, kids nowadays of the so-called Generation Z probably know more about pop culture franchises such as Marvel’s The Avengers or Candy Crush than they do the history of their own country. Try and pull a kid away from whatever screen his or her face is…
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A man and a child walking on the beach while holding hands

Travel Loans in Kenya

Loans are a hot topic in Kenya at the moment. This comes after Kenya’s loan bid to the Chinese government to extend the SGR from Naivasha to Kisumu was rejected. Following this seeming slap in the face, a lot has come out about the debt situation of the country. At a more individual level, Kenyans…
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Tafaria Castle with people riding a horse carriage in the foreground

Tafaria Castle – the Ultimate Easter Getaway

As Easter approaches the social institution of family is on the focus as it usually is during festivities. The desire for a fun-filled getaway for the family has begun to take center stage especially with the kids home for their holidays. Family getaways are not only fun but are crucial for bonding and creating long-lasting…
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A woman making a glasses face with her hands and eyes

How to Spot Fake Travel Agents in Kenya

If ever there was an innovative bunch of people it would have to be Kenyan scammers. Virtually every single day an innocent Kenyan is outwitted into literally giving their money away to a stranger only to realize their folly when their hard-earned money is gone with the wind. The scammers are so cunning and deceptive…
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A hat, sunglasses, a glass of juice, and a camera on a table

5 Travel Spots That Will Be Popular With Kenyans In 2019

Close your eyes and picture yourself on vacation. Our guess is that at least one of the travel spots below is where you pictured yourself. Traveling for leisure is something on the minds of many Kenyans. It is an escape from one’s daily work routine and an opportunity to see the world and cross off…
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Young woman riding on a boat in a river

Top 5 Kenyan Travel Trends To Expect In 2019

Mombasa hotels have recently reported nearly 100% occupancy during the month of December 2018 as we approach the new year. If anyone thought luxury travel was on the down nothing could be further from the truth. So with our experience in the travel industry, we have compiled a list of the top 5 Kenyan travel…
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The Emakoko, Nairobi National Park

The Emakoko – Nairobi National Park

The Emakoko is a boutique lodge located in a gorge on the border of Nairobi National Park. Firstly, simply visiting Nairobi National Park is a treat in on itself. It is the only such wildlife park within such close proximity to a capital city. A harmonious co-existence between the wild jungle and the urban jungle.…
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5 Things To Pack For A Weekend Getaway

Weekend getaways are a good way to hit that pause button. Escape the shackles of the everyday mundane routine. Reenergize for the coming week. Experience more of life so that life does not escape you. However, packing for a weekend getaway can be a tricky affair. It is just two days so there is no…
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Traveler with a map, bag, and camera next to railway line

How To Travel On A Budget

Everyone wants to travel but not everyone has the money. Someone once said the best things in life are free and it seems like they overlooked the cost of traveling. Most bucket list items require traveling usually to an exotic place to cross them out. On social media, we are bombarded with pictures of our…
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